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What Is A Special Transport?

Special transports are those transports involving heavy or bulky loads, with such features that require special care. This definition involves all those loads that can’t be transported with standard methods.

Due to its nature and complexity, an exceptional transport requires appropriate care, careful planning, and the fulfillment of specific paperwork. Specific skills, as well as an organized workflow, are mandatory, to handle such difficult transport.

Special road transport to Italy

Italy has specific regulations about exceptional transports, contained in the so-called Codice della Strada, the national traffic laws. Moreover, you will require appropriate permissions and authorizations for your special freight.

Lastly, this country has a unique territory, densely populated, and with many different landscapes: flat land, hills, mountains…

This means that if you have to organize a special road transport from the rest of Europe to Italy without inconveniences, you will need to know the national laws, as well as the territory and its peculiarities.

That’s why the easiest solution is to entrust your exceptional transport to Italy to someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the country and its laws. In case you need help, we will be glad to put our experience and our personnel at your service. And if you want to know something more about this topic, you just have to keep on reading.

Special transport to Italy? We can do it!

Special Transport Italy: Size and Height

A transport is defined exceptional exceeding the following sizes:

  • A total truck and trailer length exceeding 16,50 m
  • A length exceeding 2,55 m (2,6 m for controlled temperature transports)
  • A maximum height exceeding 4 m

Special Transport Europe-Italy: What Do You Need

Depending on the type of transport, in order to organize a special transport to Italy you will need:

  • The authorizations to travel on Italy’s public roads
  • A technical escort following your transport
  • Yellow or orange flashing lights to signal the special nature of your transport
  • Specific panels to signal that yours is an exceptional transport
  • A specific calendar to know in which days it is forbidden for special transports to travel on Italian public roads

These are all things we can take care of for you, thanks to our experience in the field and our structured, yet flexible organization.

Special Transport: What Is a Technical Escort?

Some exceptional transports require a so-called technical escort by authorized and trained personnel. A technical escort is a road safety service, with the task of overlooking the carrier and assuring that it won’t harm persons or things. It is also necessary to guarantee that the transport itself arrives at its destination without inconveniences.

The number of vehicles of the technical escort and their position depends on the type of transport. In some exceptional cases, a mixed escort is required, composed of the private escort along with Police vehicles.

ATE detains a regular licence to perform a Technical Escort service. We operate with authorized and specialized personnel, and with properly equipped vehicles. We can organize a technical escort to your exceptional transport in Italy, from Europe to Italy, and from Italy to Europe. We are up-to-date with the current legislation, and we know all the difficulties linked to the Italian territory.

Here you may find more info about technical escorts

Exceptional Transports to Italy: How to Obtain an Authorization?

Trained personnel and equipped vehicles aren’t enough to organize exceptional transports to and from Italy. You will also require some authorizations released by local authorities, considering that your carrier will hinder the road traffic.

You will require a transit authorization depending on your transport type and size, but also depending on your itinerary. Obtaining these permits may be puzzling, and you may face the risk of being at the mercy of local bureaucracy.

Our suggestion is to refer to a specialist in this field. ATE Scorte has, amongst its workers, several experts who only take care of permits and authorizations, both in Italy and Europe, ready to work at your service to obtain all the necessary permissions for your special transport.

Special Road Transport Italy: Bans Calendar

There are a few prohibitions regarding special road transports in Italy, some of them linked to the type of carriers, others to the days in which this kind of transports can circulate. Knowing the local bans calendar is therefore mandatory if you want to send an exceptional transport to Italy.

Here you may find the banned days for 2021

Plan your transport with ATE

Now that you know all the main information about special road transports in Italy, you might have understood that the best solution is to entrust your cargo to a professional. We are already willing to plan your special transport: if you need our help, contact us immediately!

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