ATE – exceptional transport assistance – has obtained a regular licence to provide exceptional transport technical escort services.
We operate exclusively with regularly qualified personnel and with vehicles equipped and equipped with visual signalling equipment and systems to accompany your exceptional transport in complete safety.
We use vehicles and personnel located throughout the Italian territory in order to ensure an immediate and highly professional response to all your requests for escort.
Thanks to reliable partners in every country of Europe we are able to provide escort services and accompaniment to any exceptional transport in every country.

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Motorways and major / one-way / two-way suburban roads with at least two lanes in each direction separated by a central reservation.

(Motorways, Freeways, Motorway Fittings)

Two-way roads with only one lane per direction of travel

(Provincial and municipal roads)

*On all those sections of two-way road with only one lane per direction of travel where only one spare car is prescribed, it is mandatory to have on board, in addition to the qualified driver, also a second person with a driving licence.