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What Is a Technical Escort

If you need to set up a special road transport to Italy (here you may find all the required info), your cargo may require a so-called technical escort from the beginning to the end of your itinerary.

A technical escort is made by specialized personnel that will follow and guard your transport on board of equipped vehicles during its journey.

The meaning of a technical escort to your special road transport is to assure that your freight won’t harm persons or things during its itinerary, and at the same time that it will reach its destination without inconveniences. It may be defined as a road security service.

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When is an Escort Required?

A Technical Escort may be required for a special transport to or from Italy, depending on the freight dimensions or the typology of the transported goods. An escort may also be required depending on the itinerary: a narrow road, for example, or an itinerary that goes across a city, may require special cares for your freight.

What Do You Need to Organize a Technical Escort in Italy?

In order to organize a Techincal Escort in Italy, you will need:

  • A regular licence
  • Specialized and authorized personnel
  • Equipped vehicles

What is a mixed escort?

Some particular cases may require a so-called mixed escort, comprising the private staff and some Police vehicles from Polizia Stradale.

Technical Escort Italy

ATE Scorte detains a regular licence to perform Technical Escort services. Our personnel is highly experienced, and our vehicles are properly equipped to accompany exceptional transports. Our experts know how to obtain all the needed authorizations.

In conclusion, we have all the experience and the means to organize a technical escort, both “normal” and mixed, for your transport to or from Italy.

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